“DC Split” Storm Looking like a Conversational Event

The European, Canadian and Global Forecast System (GFS) keep the two pieces of energy from phasing until the system heads far enough out to sea preventing any significant snowfall accumulations for the DC Area.  The latest operational models keep most of the accumulating snow across northern Maryland and Pennsylvania and the southern-tracking piece of energy too far south to cause much of anything across the DC Metro.  On top of that, the recent warmth and boundary-layer temperatures will be marginal across interstate so its possible some rain may mix in Thursday evening as well as on Friday afternoon.

North American Model (NAM)


Global Forecast System (GFS)


European –


It’s just not looking like this storm wants to pan out … models could change tonight, but I won’t hold my breath. At least we got a historic blizzard out of this winter. March is fickle, we have blow-torch warmth coming next week and after that we could flip a trough back into the east.





One thought on ““DC Split” Storm Looking like a Conversational Event

  1. I agree. But it would be nice to be surprised on the positive side, even if it now seems unlikely.

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