Latest GFS Model Take on Potential East Coast Storm

Here is the latest 18z Global Forecast System (GFS) Model (images courtesy Weatherbell):

Thursday 7PM


Friday 1AMgfs_ptype_slp_ma_15

Friday 7AM


Friday 1 PM:


Friday 7PM:


Bottom Line of the latest 18z run: (tomorrow’s model runs will more than likely change b/c remember the energy associated with this eventual storm system doesn’t reach the coast of the United States until tomorrow evening at which point the models will have better data to ingest):

  • Moves storm through area faster
  • Boundary temperatures are warmer, precipitation is lighter (more of a warm air-advection snow with phasing taking place more offshore).
  • Storm system doesn’t deepen as rapidly as the Canadian shows


Latest GFS Snowfall Accumulation Potential (subject to change): Conversational Snowfall at best if this one run of the GFS pans out.




One thought on “Latest GFS Model Take on Potential East Coast Storm

  1. Probably 3-5 inches, but certainly potential for more. At least being SE of DC should not be a disadvantage.

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