Watching the 3rd through 5th of March for our Next Potential Snow Event

The image below (image courtesy Weatherbell) shows the upper level pattern forecast for March 4th (a week from tonight) from the latest European forecast model.  The trough (deep blue colors) swinging through the east coast as well as blocking (bright red and orange colors) over Greenland and the north Atlantic give some hope for some more snow during the next 10 days.


Latest ensemble forecast for the North Atlantic Oscillation (Images courtesy Weatherbell):

European Ensembles show NAO tanking between the 3rd and 6th of March


GFS Ensembles also show the NAO tanking during the same time period


European Ensembles for Potential Snowfall Accumulation:  Notice that several of the ensembles have quite the snowstorm across the Washington Region.  I believe the models may start to latch onto the idea of a storm impacting our region next weekend sometime during the early to middle part of next week.

eps_snow_25_ma_41 eps_snow_50_ma_41

In the meantime, enjoy the mild temperatures and beautiful blue skies on Sunday!  Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Watching the 3rd through 5th of March for our Next Potential Snow Event

  1. It deffinitely looks more favorable than the storm last week. Looks really interesting and maybe we still can get some snowpack!

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