Early March Still on my Radar for Potential East Coast Storm

Winter isn’t over until its over. I have had several friends today complaining to me that “The NAO is negative and I am looking at the models and all the storms are going to our west”.

First of all, The NAO is *currently* Positive, and the models 8 to 10 days out are garbage and will not latch onto the correct track of a storm system until blocking starts to develop over the North Atlantic. Once the blocking forms (and the NAO is *officially* negative) the Euro, GFS, Canadian may begin to show an east coast storm sometime during the first week of March.

The images below are from the European Ensemble forecast (courtesy Weatherbell) showing potential trough over the East coast on March 5th with blocking over the North Atlantic (bright red colors northeast of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia).


Same image, just showing the trough (eastern US), ridge (North Atlantic) and trough (Europe) responsible for the wild swings in temperatures and storms (rain or snow).


Looking down on the Northern Hemisphere (Its awesome to see how amplified the global jet stream is forecast to become in early March) … stormy times ahead!


Bottom Line: The potential is there in early March to get some more snow in our region before the spring flowers are blooming and pollen in coating everyone’s windshield. Am I promising another massive east coast blizzard? No, I am simply talking about potential patterns that are favorable for a stormy, cold, pattern in the east that could deliver a snow event.

2 thoughts on “Early March Still on my Radar for Potential East Coast Storm

  1. Hello Tim!

    I am a middle school student at the Langley School in McLean, Virginia, and I am doing a project for a class where I am going to create a weather website. I wanted to contact someone who enjoys doing the same thing, so I chose you. I was wondering if you would be able to offer any advice about the study of meteorology, or be willing to share some resources or even talk to me in any form that suits you. I thank you in advance for considering this request.


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