Timing the Change Over to Freezing Rain

The following images are from the HRRR (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) model showing the timing of the change over from snow (blue) to freezing rain (pink). Time stamps are in the upper right hand corner of each image. Images courtesy Weatherbell.
hrrr_ref_maryland_2 hrrr_ref_maryland_4 hrrr_ref_maryland_6 hrrr_ref_maryland_7

hrrr_ref_maryland_8 hrrr_ref_maryland_9 hrrr_ref_maryland_10 hrrr_ref_maryland_11 hrrr_ref_maryland_12 hrrr_ref_maryland_13 hrrr_ref_maryland_14 hrrr_ref_maryland_15 hrrr_ref_maryland_16

2 thoughts on “Timing the Change Over to Freezing Rain

  1. Could you please provide detailed explanations’ of the numbers around the weather maps on this site?

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