Heavy Freezing Rain Moving in to the Area… Delayed Opening Tomorrow?


Snowfall totals (image above courtesy NWS Washington) from trained spotters and the general public as of this evening:  A general two to four inches of snow fell across the immediate Washington Metropolitan Area.

Heavy Freezing Rain is currently moving in from the south… treacherous road conditions (secondary streets) should be expected through the first half of the Tuesday morning rush hour.

HRRR- (High Resolution Rapid Refresh) Model showing freezing rain in pink colors.

The image below is the future cast radar prediction at 3 AM… notice heavy freezing rain falling across the immediate Metropolitan Area.


4 AM — Pockets of Freezing Rain still falling.


5 AM – The ground is so cold, it wouldn’t surprise me if temperatures are still hovering right at 32 degrees in most of our northern and western suburbs.


Let’s look at the prediction for surface temperatures at between 4 and 6AM: (HRRR model, images courtesy Weatherbell)

First image is showing the predicted surface temperatures at 4 AM;  the second and third image is for 5AM and 6AM.  Bottom Line:  Many locations will still be hovering near 32 especially across our northern and western suburbs causing treacherous travel.

hrrr_t2m_washdc_10 hrrr_t2m_washdc_11 hrrr_t2m_washdc_12

Now we shift to the Heavy Rain and Flooding Threat:

The two images below area gain from the HRRR model showing what looks like a squall line forming across the central Shenandoah Valley around 7AM and then possibly barreling through the DC Area between 9 AM and Noon.  Don’t be surprised if the squall line is accompanied by damaging wind gusts and cloud to ground lightning.

hrrr_ref_maryland_13 hrrr_ref_maryland_16

The good news is that the weather conditions are looking calm for the evening rush hour home with sunshine breaking out and some gusty west winds to dry things out.

2 thoughts on “Heavy Freezing Rain Moving in to the Area… Delayed Opening Tomorrow?

  1. And Fairfax Co is calling a 2 hr delay for schools while surrounding counties called off. Quite a gamble…

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