Snow and Ice Map Posted for Major Winter Storm

I got my map templates back up and running. The first map is for how much snow I think will accumulate before the change over to sleet and then freezing rain.DCstorms_Snow_Accumulation_021516

The second map is how much ice accretion (trees, power lines, sidewalks, all untreated surfaces) from a pro-longed period of freezing rain. The time-frame of freezing rain is highlighted in yellow text on the map for the three zones.

Bottom Line: Up to a quarter of an inch of ice could accumulate along the interstate 95 corridor before a change over to rain during the pre-dawn hours on Tuesday. The damage will have been done by the morning rush hour! What a mess!

5 thoughts on “Snow and Ice Map Posted for Major Winter Storm

  1. Was very surprised this morning. We have out 5.5 inches as of 0530 in King George. Very fluffy. Still snowing at a good clip.

  2. Tim I completely agree with the comment you posted. Is Leesburg considered eastern or western Loudoun? Some of the websites have us under the warning while the NWS website has us under the advisory. It seems we’re on the border. I think the problem with the NWS is that it’s hard to measure road temperatures. They may not rise until after the storm has passed creating more ice accretion. So it is very hard to forecast as what may be rain inthe sky may actually turn to ice as it hits the ground. I hope you’re right! Could we get up to 5 inches of snow before the change?

  3. Winter Weather Advisories were finally issued for the rest of the Metro Region. I would have raised a Winter Storm Warning myself for the counties along interstate 95 points west where I think we might get very close to that thresh hold of up to a quarter of an inch of ice. To have a Winter Storm Warning for snow in the DC-Baltimore-Philadelphia regions you need 5″ or more in a 12 hour period but you only need a quarter of an inch of ice. So we are flirting with the “what if” an extra tenth of an inch of ice accumulates in western Fairfax County, western Prince William county and places like Bethesda, north Arlington… they would end up upgrading to a Warning tomorrow. Here in Washington even the weather is politics… play it safe… for fear of being wrong. It will be a nasty storm regardless due to the bitterly cold air in place and ground temperatures sub freezing. I also think the NWS is scared because last week they raised a Winter Storm Warning for parts of the Baltimore Area only to downgrade them to Winter Weather Advisories. We shall see what happens.

  4. I tend to agree with this forecast. Which raises the question, what is the NWS looking at? Still no watches, warnings, or advisories for the immediate DC/Arlington/ Alexandria metro area.

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