Slippery Friday Afternoon Rush Hour Possible

Snow showers will fall across the Washington Area on Friday afternoon continuing  off and on throughout the evening rush hour with lingering flurries possible overnight as bitterly cold air moves in and squeezes out any lingering moisture in the atmosphere. 

The following images are from the North American Model (NAM), images courtesy tropicaltidbits:

1PM Friday:

namconus_ref_frzn_neus_6    4PM Friday:


7PM Friday:


10 PM Friday:


1AM Saturday:


Regarding the Monday/Tuesday storm, I am reserving judgement until Friday night/Saturday morning’s model runs when the pieces of energy currently over the Pacific actually make landfall on the Pacific northwest coast which should give us better initialization and consensus on track.

Today’s models have all shifted west with a storm running up the spine of the Appalachians which would bring a brief period of snow before going over to heavy rain and washing away any hopes of a decent snowfall in the metro area.

Again, the track could shift back east (as the models may not be handling things well until the short waves reach the pacific northwest coast Friday night/Saturday). 

2 thoughts on “Slippery Friday Afternoon Rush Hour Possible

  1. I continue to be amazed at how a storm can be predicted before the ingredients even each the west coast. So cool.

  2. As cold as it is when the precip starts, we might still get several hours overrunning snow before the precip changes over to rain late on Monday. Thus a moderate accumulation of snow still seems possible.

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