Scattered Snow Showers Late Tonight & Update on Potential Blockbuster Early Next Week


The image above (High Resolution Rapid Refresh – HRRR, courtesy Tropicaltidbits) shows some scattered snow showers moving across parts of the DC Region tonight. Any snow shower will be capable of causing slick travel conditions for the morning rush hour.

Next up Bitter Cold: The next three images (courtesy weatherbell) show the current European forecast for:

1) Lows on Sunday (Valentine’s Day)

2) Wind Chills on Sunday morning (Dangerously Cold!!!)

3) High temperatures on Sunday (Teens for most of us)

As the arctic front passes through on Saturday I wouldn’t be surprised to see some snow showers or flurries moving across the area.

ecmwf_t2m_maryland_21 ecmwf_wchill_maryland_21 ecmwf_t2m_maryland_22

Another Blockbuster Storm Monday Night through Tuesday?

The 500mb (upper level pattern) favors another potential major east coast snow storm: Image below (Euro) shows inverted trough swinging through the Mid-Atlantic with a massive area of blocking high pressure over eastern Canada.  Whatever storm that forms may have nowhere to go any time soon… could wobble up the coast …. stay tuned!



9 thoughts on “Scattered Snow Showers Late Tonight & Update on Potential Blockbuster Early Next Week

  1. Doesn’t look promising. Looks like warmer air is trying to take over at the wrong time. What do you think?

  2. I have seen a couple sources that are saying that it will be a primarily rain event. Do you believe that this will be an all or primarily snow event? What will determine whether this is rain or snow? It would really stink if we didn’t get all snow given how cold it will be the day before.

  3. No snow next week. Seems like the seven day projections always capture the potential which almost never happens. Once anything forms it will be to warm, as is the case 80 or 90 percent of the time. Just my observation. The temperature forecast seem to hold but the amount and type of precipitation is and always will be voodoo for the mid Atlantic.

  4. I was reading Capital Weather Gang’s forecast and they said that as of now they think this storm might be a mostly rain event for us. Do you think that this will be an all or almost all snow event for us? I would really love a nice big snowstorm and if we just got a cold rain after the temps this weekend it would be sickening.

  5. Yes and the GFS may be have some convective feedback issues. The Canadian and Euro have the storm, so that bodes well that the GFS will come around.

  6. I agree that there is a good chance of a major snowstorm around Monday. Our best setup for a major snowstorm (often in mid February) is when we get a huge bitterly cold high and a nice short wave moving across the country.

    What has been aggravating to me is that the GFS keeps making a mess out of it. I hope it starts to come around.

  7. Hi Tim, I so much enjoy reading your weather report. You are spot on. Thank you. Kathleen

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