Latest European Model’s Take on Potential Snow Event

The European Forecast model is much more suppressed to the south with its track and while its current ensembles do not agree 100% on just how far north the storm system will track they are definitely clustered pretty closely.

Check out the 50-some potential positions of the area of low pressure Friday morning (images courtesy Weatherbell):  Several of the ensemble members still give snow-lovers a glimmer of hope. Remember, the 18z will come out tonight and tomorrow’s runs of the Euro should really start to hone in on a solution.

eps_slp_25_ma_17 eps_slp_50_ma_17

What about Snowfall Potential?

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12z Canadian Model Looking Impressive

I am used to showing folks the GFS and Euro, but today’s morning (12z) run of the Canadian gives the DC Area quite the early March snow storm:

Images below courtesy Tropical Tidbits:

1AM Friday:


7AM Friday:


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