Additional Snowfall Potential from now through Midnight

Here is the latest High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model showing how much more additional snow you may potentially receive before the snow ends late this evening:


For those of you in the northwestern suburbs that have already picked up 18 to 20″, you may easily pick up an additional foot of snow before it ends this evening.

National Airport may receive an additional 6 to 10″ which would push totals very close to that 20 – 24″ mark at the airport.  That would possibly make this our 2nd biggest snowfall at National Airport (#1 being the Knickerbocker Storm of January 1922).

The latest HRRR says the snowfall should taper off between 9PM and 1AM:



6 thoughts on “Additional Snowfall Potential from now through Midnight

  1. Seconded! Thanks for being brave enough to predict big snow when everyone else was still low balling it.

  2. Tim,

    With the understanding that you and I fundamentally disagree about snow (I hate the snow and the cold), I have profound respect for your forecasting.

    I think you said 2-3 feet when the low pressure system was still over the Pacific ocean (over a week before?!?). Most impressive – you’re obviously doing your homework/research. Congratulations on your analysis.

    Now, can you help me dig out? I haven’t found an app for that….

    All the best.

  3. Would you be able to add a timestamp to your posts? That could help to know how current the info is. Not a criticism, keep up the great analysis!!

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