European Model Shifts Snow Jackpot further North Overnight

The latest operational run of the Euro has shifted the heaviest snow back into the Washington Region.



The two images from the Euro remind me of February 2010 where the northern extent of the heaviest snow struggled to get into the Hudson Valley of New York. The storm was historic for Baltimore, Washington, and Philadelphia.

Latest Global Ensemble Forecast System Meteogram (GEFS) for National Airport… pretty amazing if this pans out 16 to 29″ of snow!? The 16″ would make since as DCA has typically gotten between 16 and 19″ in past historic storms where as places like north Arlington (in the hillier terrain) got 10″ more.  Bottom line is that if the trends hold, this storm will rival the February 2010 event in the close in suburbs.


Updates to come this afternoon.

3 Replies to “European Model Shifts Snow Jackpot further North Overnight”

  1. Thanks again for your analysis and input Tim! Tremendously appreciated!

  2. Good call on the move back north, some outlets over-stressed the southern movement

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