Latest Operational Models Are a Snow-Lover’s Dream!

Caution: These are simply the current operational models of potential snowfall Friday early morning through Sunday of the upcoming week.

European — All Smiles (image courtesy weatherbell)
GFS — Still Smiling (image courtesy weatherbell)
Canadian — I’d be ok with this as well (image courtesy weatherbell)

One thought on “Latest Operational Models Are a Snow-Lover’s Dream!

  1. Andy

    I have noticed that the GFS has held solid that past couple of days about some semblance of a major snowstorm, instead of flip-flopping around wildly as usual. Meanwhile other models seem to be coming in line as well.

    I just wish the event was only a day off rather than five days off, but the big storm in 2010 locked in about five days ahead of time, so maybe there is cause for optimism!

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