Last Call (Snow Maps) for Spring Storm

Snowfall Accumulation through 5 PM Friday
Snowfall Accumulation Potential through 5 PM Friday

Rain will begin falling between 2 and 4 AM Friday morning. The rain will change over to snow from northwest to southeast.

Snow will likely begin falling inside the Capital Beltway between 6 and 8 AM, (sooner in the northwestern suburbs) with predominantly rain across the southern and eastern suburbs (Stafford eastward to southern Maryland).

Snow will fall heavily at times during the morning hours before gradually transitioning back to a mix or rain during the afternoon hours.

Delays and cancellations are likely as the heavy wet snow will accumulate on untreated secondary roadways, especially across the northern and western suburbs.

Snowfall Potential through Friday 5PM
Snowfall Accumulation Potential through Friday 5PM

2 thoughts on “Last Call (Snow Maps) for Spring Storm

  1. I agree completely with your forecast. I was surprised to see the NAM had about .80″ liquid and kept us mostly snow until late morning. The GFS was warmer and not as wet. At least it is starting late at night, so that is to our advantage.

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