Late Week Storm Could Deliver Wet Snow

The weather pattern will transition away from Spring to Winter beginning mid-week possibly lasting through the end of March.  Storm systems will begin travelling along an increasingly amplified jet stream and with colder air to work with we will have to watch for the potential of accumulating wet snow events in the Mid-Atlantic and New England.

Latest Canadian Forecast Model: Snowfall Potential; image courtesy Weatherbell.

Latest Canadian Forecast Model: Snowfall Potential (Thursday/Friday); image courtesy Weatherbell.

The first storm system to watch will move out of the Mid-South late Wednesday possibly bringing wet snow or rain to our region during the Thursday/Friday time frame.

Several models keep this system suppressed well to our south delivering cloudy conditions and some light rain, however…

the Canadian and European forecast models drop several inches of accumulating snow across our area.

Latest European Forecast Model: Snowfall Potential

Latest European Forecast Model: Snowfall Potential (Thursday/Friday)

I will provide updates as we get closer to this potential event. 

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  1. josh hopkins

    Always go by your forecast your pretty dead on when it comes to storms, im a sub contractor for snow removal so your forecast are great for my type of work thanks again

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