Dry Slot Killing Snowfall Totals Tonight

Dry Slot Kills Totals from DC on north and west… but we still get a snow day out of it.

A dry slot has developed on the radar across the Shenandoah Valley and while some of the short range models fill this in others do not.  The snow is pretty and at least it will cover the grass across the area but the snow is so dry that you can’t even make a snowman or snow ball with it.  The Good News: We still get a snow day.

Latest High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) Model showing possible dry slot. Image courtesy: Weatherbell.com

The latest North American Model (NAM) also shows a dry slot developing from 10PM to Midnight but then fills it back in (somewhat) with snow from about Midnight through 4 or 5 AM.

Latest NAM 10PM
Latest NAM – 10 PM (dry slot developing across Shenandoah Valley, Image courtesy Weatherbell.com
Latest NAM
Latest NAM – Midnight (dry slot fills in somewhat), Image courtesy Weatherbell.com
Latest NAM 12AM
Latest NAM –  2 AM … Snow Continues, Image courtesy Weatherbell.com
Latest NAM
Latest NAM – 5 AM, Snow beginning to taper off, Image courtesy Weatherbell.com

6 thoughts on “Dry Slot Killing Snowfall Totals Tonight

  1. Tried to stay ahead of the snow fall by sweeping the sidewalk and drive way pretty frequently – up to going to bed. Awoke with at least another ~ 4 inches. So, I’m guessing we got about 6-7 inches total in the Fairfax county area.

  2. +5 inches in the Snow Hole of Bowie; life is good. 621K hits and climbing. Great job Tim! Hope you break out the champagne at 750K!

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