Last Call (Snowfall Map) for Wednesday’s Storm


Track has shifted west:

  • The latest forecast models have tracked tomorrow’s coastal a bit further west, therefore I have had to adjust snowfall accumulations down, especially across the immediate Metropolitan Area including the interstate 95 corridor where colder air will now be a bit harder to move in from the northwest.

Marginal temperatures are complicating snowfall potential:

  • There will be several hours of heavy, wet snow likely between 11 AM and 4 PM.  If temperatures are able to drop into the lower to middle 30s, accumulations on grassy surfaces may be a bit higher. But given that some of the latest forecast models have held tomorrow’s temperatures in the middle to upper 30s during the heaviest snowfall, it would be very difficult for a lot of this falling snow to stick.  Still, many of the folks living in the northwestern suburbs will have a White Thanksgiving (all it takes in an inch of snow).

Model Errors Always Leave Room for Surprises:

  • The coastal storm hasn’t formed yet off of Hatteras, NC.  A shift in track of 25 to 50 miles back to the east would pull much higher snowfall totals into the interstate 95 corridor tomorrow.  It will be a nail biter between 11AM and 4PM as just how quickly temperatures fall will be key.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving!



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