Final Seasonal Snowfall Amounts at the Washington Area Airports

Finally, the D.C. Area will enjoy a spectacular weekend with sunshine and temperatures near seasonal norms. Several of you have requested that I update my total seasonal snowfall chart for the DC Area Airports.  As promised, here are the numbers:  nearly 20″ of snow at Dulles Airport in March alone — wow.

Enjoy your weekend, a very chilly rain will fall on Monday afternoon with temperatures likely holding in the 40s and 50s. The rain will be steady enough to cause a nightmare afternoon rush hour (well worse than it normally is — given that it is usually a nightmare even with dry conditions).  

4 thoughts on “Final Seasonal Snowfall Amounts at the Washington Area Airports

  1. You’re welcome. I’ve lived in the DC Region since 1996 and this winter was definitely one of the top 5 coldest if not the coldest I have experienced. I don’t recall this many nights with lows near zero or below zero for that matter. As far as “average” snowfall is concerned, we have only kept records at Dulles airport since the early 1960s. If you take 150 years of records at National Airport (DCA) you get close to 17″ of snow (averaged out). BWI and Dulles Airport are closer to 23″ (averaged out). Dulles Airport received almost 20″ in March alone, so we are well above “the average” this year in snowfall by about 30″ or so. Northern Maryland received a lot more snow (probably close to 100″ near the PA border) this winter… so yes, this was an incredibly snowy, and bitterly cold winter.

  2. Thank you, Tim! Do you know roughly how far above the seasonal averages they are? Or the same questions for temperature? I’ve lived in the MD-VA area my entire life, minus a couple of years, and don’t recall a winter like this past one. At least I hope it’s past.

  3. The way things have been, you never know. I have seen Heavy wet snowstorms up in southern New England during mid-April time frame.

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