Preliminary Snow Map for the High Impact Winter Storm

**Preliminary Potential Snow and Sleet Accumulations**

Accumulating Snow will begin from south to north between 9PM and Midnight Wednesday Evening.

Heaviest Snow will fall between 2AM and 7AM on Thursday morning with snowfall rates of 2″ per hour! Thunder snow is also possible! 

**Snow may begin mixing with Sleet from interstate 95, points east on Thursday as warmer air may be drawn into the mid-levels of the atmosphere.**

**If sleet doesn’t mix in, snowfall totals along/east of interstate 95 will need to be raised.

***The water content of the snow will increase on Thursday with heavy, wet, snow producing scattered power outages especially on Thursday night and Friday as the winds pick up behind the departing Nor’easter***

2 thoughts on “Preliminary Snow Map for the High Impact Winter Storm

  1. No supplement Andy’s long and scientific (and well-worded!) comment above, I will simply say:
    BRING! IT!

  2. i think totals will have to be raised for PG County and points south and east. Even if there is some sleet or even rain during some phase of the storm, there will still be several inches accumulation, both before and after. You only have 4-6″ around BWI. That is probably too low. We will see.

    Really intersting situation, beautiful phasing in negative tilt trough. Normally, we would say high is in a bad position, but actually seems to block the storm and prolong the precip.

    Plenty of cold air to start with, so sticking should be no problem. Let’s hope some mid level warming does not change us over. If it stays all snow, 12-18″ seems reasonable for everyone but stupid National Airport, where they have a match under the thermometer to begin with! They were saying 32 today while my car themometer was saying 27.

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