Alert: Significant Snow Possible on Tuesday Followed by Dangerous Cold

Coastal Low May Stick Around Long Enough on Tuesday to Drop Plowable Snow Across the DC Region
A Coastal storm may stick around long enough on Tuesday to drop significant snow across the DC Region.
  • Snow will fall across the Washington Region on Tuesday, possibly beginning before or during the morning rush hour.


  • A period of heavy snow is possible on Tuesday with significant accumulations (more than 4″ possible) across portions of the Metro Area.


  • The European Forecast model and GFS are in general agreement with a coastal storm forming near Norfolk however differences in track will need to be ironed out tonight and tomorrow morning before I am able to issue a snowfall accumulation map.


  • Tonight’s 18z (latest) GFS model is even more robust with precipitation totals and if this trend continues on Martin Luther King Day, Winter Storm Watches may be issued from the Mid-Atlantic to coastal New England.  Here is the latest 18z from the Global Forecast System (GFS) model:
18z GFS
Latest Global Forecast System (GFS) model drops 4 to 6″ of snow across parts of the D.C. Area

I just bought snow boots today… either my purchase was made in vain or it is a positive sign that Tuesday will be a real snow day across the parts of the Washington Area (mainly the immediate D.C. Area… points south and east) that have gotten royally screwed so far with snowfall totals.

Arctic air will infiltrate the Washington Region on Tuesday night with lows dropping into the single digits and lower teens. Wind chills will drop below zero for much of the area on Wednesday morning and if the storm actually materializes, we could have blowing and drifting snow across the National Capital Region on Wednesday morning! Stay Tuned. 

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