Windshear will Increase Threat of Tornadoes

Yellow Zone: Some Showers and Thunderstorms Will Contain Rotation Aided by Increasing Wind Shear
  • Wind shear will increase in the atmosphere Tuesday through Wednesday as the leftovers of Tropical Storm Lee approach the Washington region from the Deep South.


  • Southwest winds aloft (a powerful jet stream) and low level flow from the southeast will produce spin (wind shear) in the atmosphere.  Some showers and thunderstorms could produce short lived tornadoes Tuesday and Wednesday in areas in yellow above.  At this time the immediate 95 corridor of central and northern Virginia and areas along the Chesapeake Bay remain most susceptible to severe weather.  Any tornadoes that are spawned over the next several days may be rain-wrapped … and difficult to see. If a warning is issued take cover immediately in the lowest level of your home or business away from windows.


  • Rainfall totals throughout the week may approach 5 to 8 inches in spots as a stalled frontal boundary remains draped across the Interstate 95 corridor. Flooding of low lying areas near creeks and streams is likely especially in areas that received heavy rain from Hurricane Irene.  Areas west of the Blue Ridge welcome this rain as the ongoing drought conditions will be alleviated.

One thought on “Windshear will Increase Threat of Tornadoes

  1. Good call on the threat of tornadoes (we were under a warning last night). BTW, gotta love the computer models for Tropical Storm Nate.

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