Upper Level Low Will Bring… Heavy Wet Snow


  • Light snow mixed with rain and sleet develops predawn Wednesday transitioning to all snow by mid to late afternoon.
  • Heavy, wet, snow will continue past the evening rush hour. Untreated roadways will quickly become snow covered and sloppy as snowfall rates of 1″ per hour are possible in heavy snow bands.



  • Back-breaking wet snow of 4 to 6 inches with isolated sweet spots of 7 to 9″ underneath the heavier banding of snow (this area is yet to be determined).
  • I will issue an updated snowfall accumulation map this afternoon.

4 Replies to “Upper Level Low Will Bring… Heavy Wet Snow”

  1. looks like you have the rain/snow line a little too far S&W of DC for my tastes. IMO, this looks more like the 1-3 inch type storm for DC & its burbs.


  2. Not so fast SJ. Recent models are predicting far worse than before.


  3. Great job calling this one long before anyone else had the courage to do so! I appreciated the early warning to get my “ducks in a row” today!


  4. That they are! My what a difference 6 hours can make!!! My skepticism is waning, but (especially here near in the district) I am concerned the temps will be too marginal, (even with a significant snowfall rate and evaporative cooling) to accumulate much. OK, Put me in the 2-4 camp, but I do hope I am wrong!


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