Preliminary Snowfall Accumulation Map

Possible Snow Accumulations by Sunday Afternoon

  • Snow will begin late Friday night across the southwestern suburbs. Snow will begin falling in DC and Baltimore Saturday AM.
  • Temperatures will be below freezing and will remain at or below freezing during the event.
  • Models are putting out around 1″ of liquid equivalent**…or slightly more… from Charlottesville to Fredericksburg to Annapolis over the Bay into the Dover, DE Area.
  • The map above is a preliminary snowfall accumulation forecast. Totals could be higher or slightly lower…. stay tuned for a FINAL Accumulation map this afternoon/evening.
  • This storm will be a significant snowfall producer! People in the Washington Region should plan on not traveling Saturday afternoon through Sunday AM as roadways will be snow-covered.
  • I will issue my final snowfall accumulation map this evening.

3 thoughts on “Preliminary Snowfall Accumulation Map

  1. Tim F

    I think it’s still too early to give prelim/final accumulations since the models are still in somewhat disagreement. the latest NAM from this morning has DC/Virginia/MD getting clobbered. However, the latest GFS shows us getting the worst of it but significantly less than the NAM showed.

    Hopefully tonight, we have a better idea of what’s going on.

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