Latest on Tropical Cyclone Three

All eyes are on the flooding threat across the water-logged south due to Tropical Cyclone Three (TC3) making landfall along the Louisiana Gulf Coast .  The latest 18z North American Model (image below courtesy TropicalTidbits) shows the remnants of TC3 moving into Georgia on Saturday and into the Carolinas on Father’s Day.

Copious Amounts of Rainfall across the South

A widespread 2 to 4″ of rain is expected across a large swath of the South with some locations picking up between 6 and 10+” of rain!

Your Washington Area Father’s Day Weekend Forecast

Severe Thunderstorms Possible Saturday Evening

Scattered thunderstorms are expected to develop during the afternoon and evening hours on Saturday. Some storms may contain strong gusty winds and hail. The image below (courtesy Pivotal Weather) shows storms moving through the DC Region between 7PM and 2AM.

Father’s Day Forecast

Father’s Day should remain mostly dry across the Washington Region, albeit hot and humid with widely scattered storms possible during the afternoon or evening hours.

Cool Footage of Monday’s Rotating Severe Thunderstorms

A line of cumulonimbus clouds associated with towering thunderstorms located over the mountains can be seen from Reston as they were slowly moving eastward towards Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland.

Around 8:15 a super cell moved into western Fairfax county and began rotating before dropping 1.25″ diameter hail near Centreville, Chantilly, Oakton and Vienna as well as damaging winds in excess of 60mph.

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