A True Taste of Fall Headed for Washington Midweek

If you have enjoyed the spectacular weather this weekend you are in for a real treat during the middle portion of the upcoming work week as late September-like weather will be moving out of Canada into the Midwest and Northeast.

Temperature departure from normal: Wednesday; image courtesy weatherbell.com
Temperature departure from normal: Wednesday night; image courtesy weatherbell.com

A cold front will slide out of the upper Midwest into the big cities of the Northeast corridor from Northern Virginia to Boston on Tuesday.  Behind the front, high temperatures on Wednesday will struggle to climb out of the upper 70s with very low humidity and a northwest breeze.  Low temperatures on Thursday morning will likely plunge into the middle to upper 50s across the suburbs of Northern Virginia and Maryland.

Low Temperatures Wednesday morning; Image courtesy weatherbell.com
Low Temperatures Thursday morning (latest GFS model); Image courtesy weatherbell.com

Timing the Tornado Threat Today

A warm front will pass through the Washington Area this afternoon increasing instability in the atmosphere and placing our region in the “warm sector”.  A cold front will then approach the region from the Shenandoah Valley during the mid to late afternoon hours accompanied by a line of severe thunderstorms as well as the potential for a few super cells.  The Storm Prediction Center has placed the National Capital Area under an Enhanced Risk of Severe Thunderstorms.  

Enhanced Risk for Severe Thunderstorms Today - SPC
Enhanced Risk for Severe Thunderstorms Today – Storm Prediction Center

Timing the Thunderstorms:  The following images are from the latest High Resolution Rapid Refresh (HRRR) model showing the potential time frame of when the storms may move through (*this model updates frequently and with any weather model, accuracy is not guaranteed*)

HRRR - 4 PM; Image courtesy Weatherbell.com
HRRR – 4 PM; Image courtesy Weatherbell.com

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Slight Risk for Severe Thunderstorms Today through Tuesday

The Storm Prediction Center has placed the DC Area under a slight risk for Severe Thunderstorms this afternoon. The threat of some storms becoming severe will continue both Monday and Tuesday afternoon as a cold front slowly approaches the east coast.  Don’t get your hopes up (if you hate this humidity as much as I do)… the front will wash out and the “dog days of summer” will continue through the upcoming work week and next weekend. 

Severe Outlook Sunday Afternoon
Severe Outlook this Afternoon June 14th

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